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Ready-to-use polyurethane one-component, solvent-free, elastic adhesive for all types of wooden flooring. Technical Data: Open time: 110 minutes Adjustability time: 3 hours Set to light foot traffic: after 12 hours Polishing: after 3 days Colour: beige, brown Consistency: creamy paste Storage: 12 months Packaging: 600cc cartridge and 15kg bucket One-component, solventfree, ready-to-use elastic polyurethane adhesive with an extremely low emission level of volatile organic compounds (VOC), for pre-finished, multi-layered and traditional jointed solid wood parquet


Bonding all size and formats of jointed, pre-finished solid wood parquet with a ply backing. We advise against laying varnished, pre-finished solid wood in the lower part or traditional solid parquet without tongue and groove.

Some application examples

Ultrabond P990 1K is used for bonding pre-finished, lamparquet, pin-wheels and jointed planks on: cementitious screeds; screeds made using Mapecem, Mapecem Pronto, Topcem, Topcem Pronto and similar products; old wooden floors; ceramic, marble, etc.; anhydrite screeds. Suitable for heated floors.


Ultrabond P990 1K is a moisture curing, polyurethane resin-based adhesive, produced using technology developed in MAPEI’s own laboratories, with the following characteristics:

• ready-to-use one-component product, does not require catalyser and successive mixing. If stored correctly, leftover quantities of the product may be used at a later date;

• suitable for floor-layers allergic to epoxy-polyurethane products;

• easy to apply, even at low temperatures;

• 30% higher yield compared with conventional twocomponent products, thanks to the low viscosity and easy to trowel of the adhesive when applied by trowel, even at low temperatures;

• excellent rib stability and excellent buttering on the back of tiles;

• extremely low expansion, parquet remains flat after laying;

• does not contain solvents or substances which give off unpleasant odours;

• low environmental impact, certified by the GEV (EC1 R Plus) Institut as a product with extremely low emission levels of volatile organic compounds.


• Before laying, make sure all rooms have suitable windows or other sealing systems.

• The humidity level in the screed must be according to current norms and standards.

• If the substrate is not completely dry, or if the humidity is higher than the recommended level, we recommend applying a coat of suitable waterproofing primer, such as Eco Prim PU 1K, Primer MF, Primer MF EC Plus, etc.

• If there is a risk of rising damp, a vapour barrier must be laid before installing the screed.

• The humidity level in the wood must be according to current norms and standards.

• Do not lay if the temperature is lower than +10°C or higher than +35°C.

• Only lay floors if the walls and floors in the room are completely dry.

• In particularly dry weather, the hardening time of the product is longer.

• Do not let the product come into contact with fresh two-component epoxy-primer, otherwise it will deteriorate.

• Non-absorbent surfaces such as ceramic and marble must be sanded or cleaned and then treated with Primer M.

• Apply a coat Primer M on metallic surfaces.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE Preparation of the substrate The condition of the substrate must be carefully checked to make it is suitable for laying parquet.

• Cementitious screeds: must be wellcured, dry, flat and strong.

The surface must be free of dust, crumbly portions, traces of oil, paint, etc. The level of humidity in the screed must be measured with a carbide hygrometer. If the level of humidity is higher than the recommended limit, wait until the screed is dry or apply a special waterproofing primer, such as Eco Prim PU 1K, Eco Prim PU 1K Turbo, Primer MF, Triblock P, etc. Substrates which are not sound enough must be removed or, where possible, consolidated with a primer, such as Eco Prim PU 1K, Eco Prim PU 1K Turbo, Primer MF, Primer MF EC Plus, Prosfas, etc. When using epoxy primers such as Primer MF and Primer MF EC Plus, sprinkle dry 1.2 grain quartz sand on the substrate while the primer is still fresh. The same operation must also be carried out on polyurethane primers if laying is carried out after more than 72 hours. Cracks may be repaired with products such as Eporip, Eporip Turbo, Epojet, etc. Excessively rough or uneven surfaces may be smoothed over with high-strength smoothing and levelling compound, such as Fiberplan, Ultraplan, Ultraplan Maxi, Nivorapid, etc. according to the thickness to be applied. Laying may then be carried out once dry.

Use MAPEI special hydraulic binders to make quick-drying, controlled-shrinkage screeds: Mapecem, which allows floors to be laid after only 24 hours, or Topcem after 4 days. As an alternative, use Topcem Pronto or Mapecem Pronto pre-blended, ready-touse mortar which allow wooden floors to be laid after 4 days and 24 hours, respectively. If lightened layers or insulating layers are present, or with screeds installed directly on the ground, lay a suitable vapour barrier to avoid rising damp.

• Existing ceramic, marble, floors, etc.: must be cleaned and all traces of grease must be completely eliminated before bonding. The adhesive must only be applied once the surface is completely dry. Apply Primer M adhesion promoter before bonding.

• Wooden floors: make sure old wooden planks are well-bonded to the substrate.

Remove the varnish or wax from the surface of the floor with sandpaper down to a bare wooden surface and remove all dust with a vacuum cleaner, then lay the flooring.

• Anhydrite substrates:

check and follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the screed. Always check if the screed should be sanded and primed. MAPEI recommends sanding and priming. MAPEI declines all responsibilities if all the screed manufacturer’s recommendations have not been followed; in case of doubt do not hesitate to contact you local MAPEI’s Technical Services. Spreading on the adhesive

Open the aluminium bag contained in the plastic drum and spread the contents on the substrate using a MAPEI notched spreader for wood. The adhesive spread on the substrate must be covered with the wooden floor within approximately 110 minutes at a normal temperature (+23°C). If adhesive from a previously opened pack is used, open the aluminium bag and remove the surface skin before application. The surface skin helps conserve the remaining quantity of the product.


Before laying, the parquet must be stored in a dry, condensation-free area protected against bad weather and must not be left standing directly on the floor. Before laying, make sure the level of humidity in the wood is within the recommended limits. When laying the parquet, press down firmly to make sure the back is well buttered. The special rheologic properties of Ultrabond P990 1K makes adjustment of the parquet particularly easy after laying. Leave a 1 cm-wide joint around the edge of the floor and around columns or other bodies which pass through the floor. Do not apply adhesive to the ends of the parquet strips. On conventional parquet floors, make sure the adhesive does not seep out from the ends or sides of the strips and avoid leaving traces of adhesive on the floor to avoid the formation of streaks in the joints or stains on the floor.

Sealing partially used containers

To conserve any remaining product after laying has been completed, remove as much air as possible from the aluminium bag to avoid the formation of surface skin and make sure it is well closed. Seal the bag with a tie or similar system. Put the aluminium bag back into its original plastic drum.


Floors may be stepped on after approximately 12 hours.


The floor may be sanded after 3 days. Any traces of adhesive on the surface may be easily removed with sandpaper.

2.ACOUSLIME 3 in 1

3 in 1

Ready to use timber flooring adhesive with moisture vapour barrier where acoustics are not required. ✓ High elastic strength wood flooring adhesive ✓ Moisture vapour barrier – Adhesive is waterproof when cured ✓ Allows normal dimensional changes ✓ Green rated product

3.ACOUSLIME 4 in 1

4 in 1

Ready to use timber flooring adhesive, acoustically rated with moisture vapour barrier. ✓ High elastic strength wood flooring adhesive  ✓ Elastic sound reduction: 43 dB per VIPAC test  ✓ Moisture vapour barrier – Adhesive is waterproof when cured  ✓ Allows normal dimensional changes ✓ Green rated product – EC1 Plus rating ✓ ATFA compliant