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Updated: Oct 9

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NICE floor covering for my HOME

The right flooring material can really make a room—and give your home the look and feel that is just right. But choosing a surface for your floors is about more than looks. You’ll also be considering the durability, ease of installation, and the cost of the flooring itself.

While hardwoods, wall-to-wall carpets, and ceramic tiles are beautiful, they’re not always budget-friendly. Instead, many homeowners today are investing in more inexpensive flooring choices such as luxury vinyl planks, laminate flooring, hybrid, peel-and-stick vinyl, bamboo or cork floors, and carpet tiles. With all of these materials, you can choose from an array of patterns, colors, and finishes.

Depending on your preferences and your budget, Flooring expert researched the best inexpensive flooring options to find you something that's both beautiful and affordable.

What is the cheapest floor covering?

  • Laminate. Laminate flooring is more widely used in other rooms of the home, but it is an affordable option for kitchen flooring. ...

  • Hybrid. Vinyl flooring is one of the most budget-friendly kitchen flooring options

For the best cheap flooring option, it’s hard to beat the affordability and many looks of laminate. Wood-look laminate, in particular, seems to offer a polished look at a bargain price. Our top choice for cheapest flooring is the Aquastop 8mm laminate Flooring.

This hybrid flooring can be installed over concrete or wood subfloors, and the installation is easy according to many reviewers — even with little to no flooring experience.

While laminate flooring is not generally waterproof, the seams of the Aquastop 8mm laminate Flooring are waxed to be water-repellent. Generally, the floor seems to be fairly water resistant and suffer little damage, as long as spills are promptly cleaned up. The edges of the floor are more prone to water damage, but many people have used a little silicone to seal the seam along the baseboards and prevent water from seeping in. This flooring really stands out thanks to quality looks at a bargain price. Get the look of more expensive flooring with Aquastop 8mm laminate Flooring and easily upgrade your home.

You can spend a lot or a little on Hybrid flooring, but Allure by Flooring Expert is an cheap option that will give you a high-class wood look for less.

Flooring Expert 5.5mm hybrid flooring costs under $30 per square meter, and comes in Blackbutt and Spotted Gum. Known to be more durable than other forms of vinyl flooring, the hybrid flooring can also be installed over existing floors. The only requirement is that floors be as clean and as smooth as possible prior to laying your new hybrid flooring.

Flooring Expert uses its 5Gi click system technology to connect boards together and float the floor over concrete, wood, vinyl or tile subfloors. A few people made mention of these boards loosening or warping in high-moisture areas — like bathrooms and kitchens. You’ll want to use extra care to keep the flooring dry if you plan to use it in a damp area of the house. Overall, though, the Allure flooring looks great and installs easily at a small price compared to more expensive hybrid flooring.

One of Flooring Expert hybrid flooring’s top advantages is its waterproof nature. In fact, you could immerse a plank of hybrid flooring in water for a week or more without the risk of it swelling. With a quick wipe down, it would be unaffected!

This feature makes it particularly well suited for rooms subjected to high levels of moisture or high chances of spills such as laundries, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and entryways. It is also excellent for commercial applications or areas of your home that experience high traffic.


Do you have kids or require pet friendly flooring? Then you know exactly how important durable flooring is. With its rigid core technology, hybrid floors are manufactured to be resistant to UV light, stains, dents, and scratches, making them an ideal option for busy households or businesses.

Hybrid flooring’s multi-layered construction makes it well suited to Australia’s harsh sunlight and extreme temperature changes. Whereas some flooring types are at risk of shrinking or expanding under these settings, hybrid flooring is designed to maintain its integrity despite these conditions.

While some floors generate a hollow sound when walked on, hybrid flooring’s rigid core technology helps produce a solid step with less sound. Adding an acoustic underlay makes steps even lighter.

No need for special cleaning products, waxes, polishes, or equipment — a damp mop is about as fancy as you need to get in order to maintain sparkling, beautiful floors. Paired with regular sweeping and vacuuming and spot-cleaning as necessary, hybrid flooring can stay beautiful for years and years to come.