• Alan


Updated: Oct 9

European oak is a mid-range hardboard. For added durability, we use finishing products that are warranted by the same company as your European oak floors. They are finished with a UV oil or UV lacquer finish. The UV light helps to harden the surface of the wood, giving it greater resistance to knocks and accidents.

European oak is not only hard wearing – it's also incredibly beautiful. The unique natural grain of oak means that no two pieces of timber are the same and the knots and flaws embedded in the wood only add to the beauty of your flooring.

Oak is a hardwood and is extremely hard wearing. It has been used for centuries now in the building trade and has established extreme credibility for durability. ... Oak provides a very attractive grain that is ideal for flooring.

Oak is the most stable of the three flooring options. ... Maple and hickory are both harder woods than oak. Hickory has a bolder look than oak or maple and is often sold as wide planks. Hickory is the best choice over oak or maple for high traffic areas.