• Alan

Australian Hardwood Flooring Types – Species, Board Colour & Characteristics.

Updated: Oct 9


The very common Blackbutt timber flooring showcases a grain that is usually straight encompassing an even texture of medium grade.

Colours are very attractive ranging from cream to pale brown.


This very popular hardwood timber flooring is one of the few commercial species from Western Australia. Jarrah is renowned for its beautiful rich red colour. Over time this will deepen into a soft burgundy. Ideal for both residential & commercial application due to its density and exceptional hardness.

3-Spotted Gum

One of Australia’s premium hardwoods, the Spotted gum has a striking appearance with a high degree of strength and natural durability. Although used in heavy engineering applications, the Spotted Gum is highly valued by architects and home designers for its wavy grain that produces an attractive fiddle back figure.

4-Tasmanian oak

An often preferred hardwood timber product for a wide range of applications. Tasmanian Oak produces an excellent finish when prepared by highly qualified timber installers. The hardwood boards are produced with an extremely straight And even grain due to the process of quarter sawing the logs. A combination of three Eucalypt species commonly found in Tasmania, together they form a blend of striking colours from pale cream to pink and reddish brown.