Flooring Expert

Engineered Timber

Engineered timber flooring is manufactured with a decorative top layer of timber called “veneer” bonded over layers beneath which is often timber. This not only provides some additional stability but also maintains the appearance of solid timber flooring. The top layer veneer could be made of either European Oak or Australian Hardwood timber.

European Oak engineered timber comes in all different sizes from standard 190mm planks to extra wide 260mm planks. They range from  2mm top layer to 6mm thick top layer. The overall thickness of European Oak planks varies from 14mm to 21mm thick.

Australian Hardwood engineered timber also varies in different sizes and thickness. From 125mm narrow planks to 190mm wide planks. They come in different thickness ranging from a 0.6mm top Layer to a 3.5mm thick top layer. The overall thickness of the boards are between 12mm to 14mm thick.